Documentary and Participatory Video Master thesis.
Edutainment short movie.

I worked on this short movie for my master thesis during my internship at CVF - Cultural Video Foundation, in 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya.

It was recorded in the refugee camp of Dadaab, Kenya.
The Research
From Chapter 1: Ethnography and Imagery. Posters of colonial exhibitions and examples of photography used for scientific purposes.
From chapter 2: The birth of Documentary film-making. A frame and posters of "Nanook of the North", recognized as the first documentary in history.
From Chapter 3: Film-making meets Anthropology. A diagram synthesizing the early years of cinema and documentary, and the evolution of documentary approach up to present days.
From Chapter 4: Participatory Video. A diagram showing the possible functions a P.V. can fulfill, and the involved feedback mechanisms.
Timeline of Somali contemporary history from civil war to democratic process.
The Project
Illustration of the "hero" character: Sahra.
Illustration of the "evil" character: Shayddaan the djinn.
A draft sketch of Shayddaan.
A page from the storyboard.
A page from the storyboard.
on site recording with the team: Ahmed (interpreter), Mike (journalist, cultural mediator and sound operator for the occasion) and the rest of the community.
on site recording.
The community with our interpreter Ahmed.

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