Rethinking Design through Cross-cultural collaboration

In 2012 I took part in a design collaboration framework in Beirut, Lebanon.

Desmeem is a social design project organized by the MENA design research center, focused on applying design research methods to social and environmental issues in Lebanon.
I was selected to work in the Urban Space & Public Transport team, together with other european and lebanese designers.
The Research
Questionnaires and cultural probe kits delivered to people around the city.
Streetwalks and Interviews
We Interviewed people in very different areas of the city to get their point of view on Urban Space, Public Transport and Noise Pollution.
short video showing moments of several interviews carried out in the chosen 6 areas of the city.
Direct mapping of the chosen neighbourhood focusing on the problems most felt by the population.
Mapping of sidewalks in Gemmayzé neighbourhood. Thickness of the line indicates width of the sidewalk, arrows show traffic direction in the streets. People complained about the difficulty to walk the area, due to the density of traffic and lack of space for pedestrians.
Mapping of street parkings and parking lots. Most people complained about the lack of parkings in the area and generally about the difficulty of moving around by car due to narrow streets.
Mapping of public space in contrast with private space. When asked about their use of public space most people replied that there was really no public space in the neighborhood.
Mapping of the commercial activities in the area by typology.
Map of the "left-overs": showing liminal spaces, pedestrian passages and stairs, construction sites and more. Looking for opportunities of  building a public space.
The Project

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